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What we offer

Whether you are looking for support to build and finish a slot car for your collection, or advice to create a bespoke commission piece as a gift (or anything in between) Racing Replicas will meet your needs.
Pete Shepherd has over 25 years experience in building and racing slot cars as a hobby and a business.
It's best if you make an enquiry and then we will get in touch to discuss your specific needs. All cars will be track tested and securely delivered.



This service is for you if you have a specific car or design in mind, provided a workable body shell is available. Get all the perfect details right, down to the car interior, driver overalls, helmet or wheels. It's best to get in touch to discuss your ideas and to see what is possible.

resin slot car sales

Racing Replicas resin slot car kits are now available to buy, see the Resin Slot Car Kits page. Other finished 'ready to run' projects will occasionally be listed for sale on our social media sites when available.
Check our News section for updates and links to any listings.

Figure Painting

Our painting services are available for driver figures and spectators. We only use Immense Miniatures figures for best results. Specify any particulars you're looking to achieve.


extraordinary artisan work"


great work and vision"

they seem to get better and better"

artwork! simply beautiful"


My fees are £20 per hour labour. I provide quotes on request. Supplies, parts or accessories for a commission will be invoiced at cost price.
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